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The Importance of Using a Qualified and Experienced Installer for Your Solar System

Are you looking for a sustainable and cost-effective power source? Solar energy is gaining popularity among homeowners as a reliable and cheaper sustainable source of power. Your solar system installation depends on not only a fully qualified installer, but also on an experienced installer.

Eco Sun Power discuss the importance of using a qualified installer for your solar system.

A qualified installer for various projects has many benefits, especially those related to technical or specialized tasks. Read more about these benefits.

importance of solar installer

A qualified installer such as our installers at Eco Sun Power, ensure the local safety and legality of your solar system. It is important to adhere to the latest electrical and building safety rules and regulations. A qualified installer offers the expertise to deal with these regulations and guarantees accuracy without any problems. They are trained and qualified against potential risks and minimize the risk of accidents or damage, not only for the roof and of your property, but also for the product being installed and the safety of the installing team.

Our fully trained installers at Eco Sun Power take great care in the asthetics of each and every install that we do. With our experience we know the best way to get the connection from the roof, to hide and conseal the wires in the best manner possible to ensure that the install is of the best quality. We are always conscious of neighbouring properties, and also of trying the best where possible, to keep the install away from public sight.

One of the advantages of using a qualified installer is the reliable warranty coverage you receive from reputable manufacturers. Manufacturers often require professional installation to honor their warranties, protecting your investment in case of any potential system failures. It ensures correct installation, minimizes future repairs, and improves your system’s durability and long-term performance. Our panels have a 25 year warranty. All of our panels can be accessed from the technical team in Austria should any warranty problem occur via the latest technology and software.

When selecting a solar system installer, you should consider their qualifications. It is essential to ensure they have the necessary skills and certifications. A qualified installer can ensure a safe, efficient, and reliable installation. The importance of solar installer qualifications and criteria to consider are as follows:

Experience: Solar installers with a proven track record and several years of experience are the best. Check out their previous work to see how proficient and skilled they are. Our installers at Eco Sun Power have over 15 years of experience of installing in Malaga and along the Costa Del Sol.

Licenses and Permits: You should ensure that the installer has all the required licenses. Qualified installers should be familiar with the permitting process.

Insurance and Warranty: Protect yourself against potential damages or accidents by ensuring the installer carries the correct liability insurance. For a specified period, a reputable installer should offer a workmanship warranty.

References and Reviews: This is quite hard to do in Spain because it is a growing sector, however in general its always good to carry out a google search and to go on the website to see if there are any negative comments or PR about your installing company.

Continuing Education: Solar technology and best practices are evolving. To stay up-to-date with the latest advancements and techniques, dedicated installers undergo ongoing training and education.

Transparent Pricing and Contracts: A reputable installer should provide clear, transparent pricing without hidden fees. Check contracts carefully to ensure all terms, warranties, and obligations are clear. Many companies falsify the stats to obtain a quicker pay back period, so ensure that you read all data and intel correctly and if you think something looks strange, address it with your representative.

Commitment to Safety: Safety should be a priority for any installer. Safety protocols, training, and equipment are important to ensure a safe installation.

Professionalism and Communication: Check the installer’s professionalism, responsiveness, and communication. Your installer should listen to your needs, address your concerns, and communicate effectively.

A proper installer will offer you a full after-sales support service, which can range from questions arising following the installation to questions about the software of the program or more technical questions about the product. At Eco Sun Power, we pride ourselves on our after-sales team.

Hiring a qualified installer is vital to your solar system’s successful installation and performance. Qualified installers offer peace of mind by ensuring compliance with safety standards. Moreover, they provide long-term support to maximize efficiency. It ensures that their services are of high quality. It is imperative to choose an installer who has expertise and experience. As a result, your solar system will perform optimally and your future will be greener and more sustainable

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